RV Hacks

RV Hacks: Security

RV Security

It’s an unfortunate, but true reality that motorhomes are often the target of criminals when not parked at a campground. That’s why we’re encouraging our guests to follow these simple tips for security:

Lock Your Doors

This may seem obvious, but it’s very easy to justify leaving your rig unlocked for a few minutes while running into a gas station or convenience store. In those minutes, a thief could grab whatever they see (money, tech items, jewelry) and run out.

Keep Expensive Items Out of Sight

We’ve all done it - left a smartphone on our seat or a nice pair of sunglasses on the dash, but there’s no reason to tempt those who want to steal. Get in the habit of putting expensive items out of sight and store expensive items in a secure (and not easy to move) safe.

Pro-Tip: we recommend not storing expensive items in regular storage compartments. Many storage styles can be opened with a universal key (sometimes marked CH751), but they can also be opened with toolbox items like a wrench.

Make Use of Light

When parking your rig at a large-venue where you won’t be around to monitor the RV, make sure you park in a well-lit area with high traffic. Thieves tend to target rigs that are secluded and not visible to bystanders.

Also, installing motion-sensor lights on the RV can help discourage thieves from breaking and entering. It’s also an easy way to become aware if someone is lurking around your rig.

What is your best RV security advice? 

Taking these easy steps can help keep your home away from home safe and secure, and your next RV adventure even more enjoyable.