RV Bathroom Hacks

RV Hacks | Mess Proof Your Bathroom

What’s the most unloved spot on your RV? Let us guess: the bathroom. That’s why we’ve searched the internet to bring you the top hacks for a mess free bathroom.

RV Hacks for the Bathroom
  1. Keepin’ your tooth brush clean

Sitting your tooth brush on the countertop is basically asking it, so don’t do it! PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders are a great way to make sure your tooth brush doesn’t drop to the floor.

Bonus tip: Use fun letter stickers to mark your toothbrush territory!

Tip via Crafting in the Rain

  1. Don’t drop the soap

Nothing is worse than having your hands full of suds and dropping the soap. The bottles or bar become almost impossible to pick up, so avoid all of that with this handy tip: hang your shower products from the curtain rod.

Tip via Better Homes & Gardens x YouTuber Alisha Marie

  1. Clean with the power of citrus

We all know that lemon and vinegar do wonders for the bathroom, but there’s another citrus that can help get rid of tough build-up: grapefruit.

Pouring salt on top of a freshly halved grapefruit and scrubbing your shower or tub is a great natural way to remove build up. Plus the citrusy smell it leaves can’t be beat!

Read on for full details.

Tip from Apartment Therapy

  1. One stop pill shop

Don’t let the name of this tip fool you – nothing put good ol’ practical advice. Having a bunch of pill bottles is a) annoying and b) makes it very easy for pills to dump on the floor. Solution: use pill holders for a travel friendly medicine cabinet.

Remove the labels from each bottle and tape them on the holder and voila a one stop easy to carry pill container.

Tip via LittleThings.com

  1. The Food Container Wastebasket

Let’s face it – most trashcans cannot easily fit in the nooks and cranies of an RV. Solution: dry food containers are the perfect size to place around the RV to help keep it clean!

What are your bathroom RV tips?