Host a Grilled Cheese Party

If you’re looking to add a little foodie fun to your RV, campsite or beach cottage adventure, consider hosting a Grilled Cheese Party. What better after a long day on the Delaware Seashore than a spread of different loaves of bread, cheeses and fixins’ with friends or family? Hint: nada.

What you’ll need to host a Great Grilled Cheese Party:

  • A Camp Chef Cooking Iron or foil
  • 4 – 6 types of your favorite cheese
  • 8 – 10 different types of fixins’
  • 2 – 3 different types of bread
  • Butter, coconut oil, ghee or cooking spray
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Name cards for the cheeses and fixins’

Below are a few of our favorites from The Food Network’s 50 Grilled Cheese Ideas:

  • Goat Cheese–Peppadew: Mix 1/2 cup cream cheese with 1/4 cup goat cheese and 8 chopped Peppadew peppers. Sandwich one-quarter of the mixture between 2 slices multigrain bread; cook, flipping once, until golden. (Use the remaining cheese mixture for more sandwiches.)
  • Bacon and Tomato: Make Classic Grilled Cheese (No. 1), adding 3 slices crisp bacon and 1 slice tomato between the cheese.
  • Cheddar and Pickles: Make Diner Grilled Cheese (No. 8), replacing the American cheese with aged white cheddar and adding sliced pickles between the cheese.
  • Garlic Ham and Cheese: Prepare 2 thick slices frozen garlic bread as the label directs. Sandwich with 2 slices each monterey jack and ham. Cook, flipping once, until golden.
  • Hot Dog: Halve a hot dog lengthwise; brown in a skillet. Spread a hot dog bun with ketchup and mustard, then sandwich with the hot dog and 1 slice American cheese. Cook, flipping once, until golden, pressing to flatten.

What’s your favorite way to cook a grilled cheese?

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