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Delaware has a few fantastic wineries for those looking to add some sipping fun to their camping or RV adventure to Massey’s Landing.

Below are our Top Delaware wineries & vineyards near Massey’s Landing

  1. Nassau Valley Vineyards, Lewes

Why we love it: This award-winning winery is a short drive from Massey’s Landing. It has a fantastic selection of reds and whites including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Plus, we love when businesses stay local. Nassau Valley Vineyards uses other regionally grown fruit to produce the 14 wines in their product line. They purchase grapes and fruit from growers on the eastern shore and supplement with other regionally grown fruit.

Tours and tastings are available year round.


Nassau Valley Vineyard

  1. Pizzadili Vineyard & Winery, Felton

Why we love it: You’ll have to venture a bit further for this gem, but trust us – it’s worth it. The Pizzadili Vineyard makes for a fantastic day trip (perhaps on a cloudy day when canoeing, paddle boarding or fishing isn’t an option.) The grounds are sprawling and feature live animals, a lake, open-air seating and more.

Plus, the vineyard and winery boast over 12 different grape varieties, which allow the Pizzadili Winery to produce a variety of wines. Owners, Tony and Pete, take great pride in the fact that all the wines made at the Winery are made from grapes grown in their vineyard.

Our recommendation: If you’re into reds, the "Brothers' Table Wine," is a must.



  1. Harvest Ridge Winery, Marydel

Why we love it: Yes, Harvest Ridge Winery is a drive, but it’s worth it! Think: windows down, music on, gearing up for a fantastic day trip!

Besides having wines ranging from Chardonnay to Merlot, they also dabble in meads and ciders. Additionally, they hold Military Monday from 12 pm – 5 pm and other fun events weekly.

Interesting historical fact: Harvest Ridge Winery’s property spans the border of two states – Delaware and Maryland. It is on the historic Mason-Dixon Line. In fact, one of the most unique features of the property is the existence of one of the Mason-Dixon’s original witness stone and crown markers – number 47 –located on the property.


Harvest Ridge Winery

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Of course, if you’re not looking to make a drive to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine, you can always swim up to the Splash Bars or dine-in at The Jackspot.

Learn more about the Massey's Landing located at 20628 Long Beach Drive, Millsboro, DE 19966.

Originally published March 17, 2017, updated September 15, 2017