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Camping Do's and Don'ts

Campgrounds are amazing temporary towns with tents, RVs, and cottages. That’s why it’s so important to follow the Golden Rule when adventuring outdoors so everyone can enjoy their camping vacation with these camping do's and don'ts:


Help Your Neighbor Out

Have an amazing time on your trip? Pay it forward. Leave the extra firewood, clean up your area, help your site neighbor pitch their tent or even offer to host a communal meal. Shared experiences at the campground can lead to lifelong friends, or at the very least, a more pleasant camping experience!


Settle Fido

While you may have prepped your pup for the trip using all of our tips in this article, not everyone is a dog-lover. Plus kids running around, fires burning and unexpected noises might spook your pup which may result in an accident.


Pro-Tip: Massey’s Landing allows dogs and even has a private pooch beach! However, it’s recommended dogs remain leashed when just “hanging out.”


Volume Control

Late night partying and loud music can wreck everyone else’s experience, especially light sleepers, children, and parents. Be considerate with volume once it hits dusk.


Pro-Tip: If you’re planning to have a later evening get-together, clear it with your neighbors. Giving everyone a heads up clears the air, sets expectations and lets you have stress-free fun!


Clean Up

This final tip seems obvious, but clean up your tent/RV site or cottage ground. It’s horrible for the next guest to arrive at a site that is littered with trash.

When it comes to campground etiquette, a little consideration goes a long way.


And, always remember:

Campground Etiquette


What are you campground etiquette tips?

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