RV Camping Hacks

5 RV Hacks: Storage Edition

  1. Towel Rod Product Holder

No more sloshing around in the bathroom! Use a simple towel rack to corral and hold all your bathroom necessities!

Tip via: FiveFs

  1. Suction Cup Window Caddies

Such a pro hack! Kids = mess. Using these suction shower caddies is a great way to make sure toys, markers, smartphones or whatever else they may be playing with stays in one easy to locate area.

Via: morsermoments1

  1. The Food Container Wastebasket

Let’s face it – most trashcans cannot easily fit in the nooks and cranies of an RV. Solution: dry food containers are the perfect size to place around the RV to help keep it clean!

  1. Electrical Adapter Mount

Nothing worse than not being able to find the right adapter on an RV trip!

Via: rvtravel

  1. Bed Storage: Shoe Rack

Beds are a great place for added storage. Basically take a shoe holder, cut it as shown, and wire it with heavy cord. It is sturdy enough to hold all of your shoes around your bed frame.

Tip via: Motorhome

RV Hacks 2017


What are your RV storage hacks?

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